Thomason Arts

Mark and Nicole live in Denver, CO with their five boys. They are professional artists, lovers of beauty, raise their boys, have jobs, creatively improve their home, desire to be more self-sustaining, plant vegetables in the Spring, enjoy good meals, support local, have 7 chickens and above all love God for His blessings.



What is “For Beauty and a New Regionalism?”

Thomason Arts has grown from the fundamental idea of creating artwork directly linked to the heritage of the American West and beauty by representing a “New Regionalism.” Our artwork is influenced by our cultural roots, our shared traditions, and the desire to live out beauty with passion by collaborating and supporting local commerce in the Western region. We have looked directly at the impact of urban and rural growth on the West, and the change that has taken place culturally and environmentally over the last millennium. We are proposing in the heart of the American West, an invitation into creating a popular rise in American sensibilities of culture, tradition, and beauty. We hope to be a part of a revival where we live through continued collaboration, supporting local commerce and communal sustainability with personal encounters.

“American Regionalism is an American realist modern art movement that included paintings, murals, lithographs, and illustrations depicting realistic scenes of rural and small-town America primarily in the Midwest and Deep South. It arose in the 1930s as a response to the Great Depression, and ended in the 1940s due to the end of World War II and a lack of development within the movement. It reached its height of popularity from 1930 to 1935, as it was widely appreciated for its reassuring images of the American heartland during the Great Depression. Despite major stylistic differences between specific artists, Regionalist art in general was in a relatively conservative and traditionalist style that appealed to popular American sensibilities, while strictly opposing the perceived domination of French art.” Taking this concept we hope to reclaim the idea of Regionalism for a “New Regionalism”.

We believe that this New Regionalism is fertile ground for beauty to flourish. Beauty by definition is a transcendental that is intimately and organically connected to truth and goodness. Beauty has a objective and subjective reality leading us to the Divine reality. The measure of this reality are the elements and principles of art and the human experience.